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2011年12月四级考试答案 大学英语四级答案完整版

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  1. A) sticks to them in their daily life

  2. C) It is the basis of mutual trust。

  3. A) To ensure we make responsible choices。

  4. B) it is claimed to be unintentional

  5. A) Avoid making excuses。

  6. C) value immediate benefits most

  7. A) pay more dearly

  8. Cheaters at exam don’t care about their education; all they care about is how to steal a grade。

  9. Integrity matters in that all social activities rely on people’s honesty and good faith。

  10. Many Americans lost faith in the integrity of their political leaders as a result of the Watergate scandal。

  听力Section A:

  11. B) Go and ask the staff。

  12. A) He fell asleep in the middle of the TV program。

  13. B) She is worried about missing her flight。

  14. A) At a restaurant。

  15. A) He is being interviewed for a job。

  16. B) The man is unlikely to move out of the dormitory。

  17. D) The woman is going to make。

  18. B) They didn’t quite enjoy their last picnic。

听力Section B:

  19. C) He is an Englishman living in Sweden。

  20. C) The cold houses。

  21. C) Depressing。

  22. B) They work hard and play hard。

  23. C) French。

  24. C) Careers guidance。

  25. D) Its pleasant environment。

  26. C) The art of Japanese brush painting。

  27. B) To enhance concentration。

  28. A) How listeners in different cultures show respect。

  29. B) Buying and maintaining equipment。

  30. D) Two of his employees committed theft。

  31. B) Advancement to a higher position。

  32. D) She is competing with Chris for the new job。

  33. A) They help us see the important values of a culture。

  34. B) The values they reflect may change。

  35. 缺

 听力Section C:来源

  深入阅读:Section A

  47. N) challenges

  48. A) stable

  49. E) progress

  50. O) certainly

  51. D) role

  52. M) combined

  53. C) significant

  54. G) included

  55. K) comprise

  56. B) solutions

深入阅读:Section B

  57. C) encourage boys to express their emotions more freely

  58. A) perform relatively better

  59. C) It fails to give boys the attention they need。

  60. A) teaching can be tailored to suit the characteristics of boys

  61. C) They have sharper vision。

  62. C) It makes all the hard work worthwhile。

  63. D) Disputes over money may ruin a relationship。

  64. A) conflicts between couples tend to rise

  65. D) Men and women view money in different ways。

  66. C) discuss money matters to maintain a healthy relationship

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