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Hacking in to an email account is easier and faster than you may expect. In fact it takes less than 15 minutes, according to a new study。

  A class of volunteers, including a TV producer, a baker and a retiree, were able to learn how to hack into someone's account in less than quarter of an hour。

  The small group who had limited technological knowledge, followed an online tutorial using a "man in the middle" technique to hack into a computer network and obtain each other's login details. 

  The controlled classroom experiment involved the volunteers following a 14-minute tutorial which is freely available online. From this they were able to download hacking software which allowed them to access login details and passwords for email accounts, social networking sites and online shopping accounts within a matter of minutes. 

  There are over 20,000 videos online teaching users how to hack social media profiles, email, smartphones and PayPal accounts. More than seven million people have had their online password-protected information accessed without their permission。

  Almost a fifth of people are aware that online hacking tutorials exist and 87 percent agree that this kind of material should not be available online。

  黑掉你的邮箱可要比你想得容易“快捷”。 一项最新研究发现, 完成“黑邮”耗时不到15分钟。


  这个小组技术经验有限, 但通过在线教程学习了一种“中间人”的技术后, 就可黑掉网络, 并窃取了彼此的登录账户信息。 `

  在这个被控制的小组实验中, 志愿者在线免费学习了一个14分钟的教程。 他们可从该教程下载黑客软件, 在十几分钟内便可盗取登录信息、邮箱账户密码、社交网站账户信息和在线交易账户信息。

  如今已有超过20000个在线视频教程教授如何黑掉社会媒介资料、电子邮件、智能手机以及在线支付账户。 而超过7百万的用户在不知情的情况下, 网络密码保护信息被窃取。

  将近有1/5的人知道在线黑客教程存在, 87%的同意取缔这些在线教程。



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