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今天给大家分享巴夏:UFO飞船目击的原因和意义探索发现文章。喜欢的可以分享巴夏:UFO飞船目击的原因和意义给你的好友。 喜欢探索发现这篇文章的网友不妨去看看下面的文章:
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  • 翻译:Ashitaka

    日安, 巴夏! 你也日安! Good day basahr!And to you good day!

    现在激动有点抖! vibrating with excitement right now

    好吧, 如此兴奋的你 alright so of you!

    D好的, 我马上进入正题 好的 ok I'll get right into it。 alright

    两个多月前, 我的兄弟给我看了你的视频 a little over two months ago my brother showed me a video of you

    岱罗被一个名叫Alan steinfeld的采访, 这是我今年第一次看到你的视频 and darryl being
    interviewed by a man named Alan steinfeld yes I was the first video ever seen of you all right this year

    我当时不知道它, 但这是我的生命改变的一天 and I didn't know it at the time, but that was the day my life changed

    嗯, 这是你改变的一天 well it's the day you change it yeah

    在接下来的几天里, 整整一星期我花了差不多一天左右的时间看了很多你的视频 in the coming days after that for what a solid week give or take a day I watched a lot of your videos

    从你这学到了很多, 我已经感受到了你所讲到过的信念在我的整个生活的体现, 它让我确认了很多东西 learnt a lot from you yes a lot of the beliefs you express i have already felt throughout my whole life and it's reaffirmed a lot for me

    好的, 谢谢你记起你所知的东西 alright thank you for remembering what you already knew

    好, 快进到10月4日晚上九点半, 我们从加拿大省级公园回来 well fast-forward to October fourth 930 p.m. we were coming back from provincial park of ours in Canada

    晚上九点半, 我们刚到城市的范围 yes 930 p.m. we just hit the city limits

    当我们进到城市的时候, 我看到天空中有一个闪烁的红光 yes as we're coming in I see a blinking red light in the sky yes

    对我来说, 在远处, 它看起来像一个手机信号塔, 在大约相同的高度闪烁, 就像一个正常的手机信号塔 to me at a distance it looked like a cellphone towers about the same height blinking just like a normal cell phone tower yes

    我越来越接近, 越来越接近 i'm getting closer and closer and closer

    事实上, 我忘记了停靠, 我看了一眼车速, 我认为那塔会在几分钟后出现 yeah i actually forgot berthed i glanced over to the rate where I thought the tower would be minutes later

    我没有看到任何建筑, 然后抬头看挡风玻璃, 我所看到的让我惊讶, 我猛踩刹车打了个弯停下来 yes I didn't see any structure i looked up to the windshield and what I seen amazed me i slam on the brakes cars swerved around me

    多么令人兴奋! how's exciting

    就像我现在一样心脏跳得很快! it was my heart was racing like it is now huh

    所以我把车停靠在了路边, 我走出车外, 抬头看, 我看到的是一个黑色的三角飞船, 在中心闪烁着光 so I pulled over to the shoulder i get over the car and I look up and what I see is a black triangle craft with a blinking light in the center

    两边有一个绿色和蓝色的光 a green and blue light on either side

    我的未婚妻, 我让她马上画出她看到的东西, 她看到了是一个回旋镖 my fiancé I got her to draw what she seen right away she seen a boomerang

    她画在了我们车里的纸巾盒上面 she drowned Kleenex boxes so we had in the car

    所以我们两个看到是不同的东西 oh alright so we both seem different things

    我相信从我的理解来看, 我们只是在不同的频率, 我们解释也不同, 但是看到是同样的东西 and I believe understand that we were just on different frequencies we interpreted differently but seeing the same thing

    它在那里盘旋, 我相信它理会我了, 因为它是固定的 it was hovering there and I believe it acknowledged me because it was it was stationary

    当我看着它, 它慢慢地开始移动 and as I looked at it slowly started moving away

    然后以一个越来越快的速度离开了, 我们实际上追逐它 and then at a faster and faster pace at left and we actually chased it

    但是我发现我们不能追到它, 因为它飞得太快了 but I realize we can't catch it was going way too fast

    不错的尝试! 是的, 我们尝试了, 所以我们把车停在路边, 只是坐在那里 nice try yeah we tried so we pulled over and we just sat there

    看着它消失在远处直到我们再也看不到 and watched it blank off into the distance and we can't see it anymore

    剩下回家的路上我们只有目瞪口呆的沉默 with all the rest of the ride home and silence just stunned

    我的问题就是谁在飞船里面? I guess my question is who was it in the craft?

    混血种族, 雅耶儿, 你听过他们吗? a hybrid race called the Yahyel, do you understand this reference?

    你能详细说明下吗? 可以, 有五个混血种族, 我们是其中一个 could you elaborate?yes the idea is that there are five hybrid races we are one of them

    ,混血种族中第一个将要跟你们接触的文明称呼他们自己为雅耶儿 but the hybrid race that will make open contact with your civilization first call themselves the Yahyel

    他们跟你们是最相似的, 你知道混血种族吗? they are most similar to you, do you understand the idea of hybrid races

    提问者:是的 巴夏:好的, 之所以因为他们跟你们最相似 yes alright so being that they are most similar to you

    他们更容易融入, 能够适应到你们的社会 they are more easily assimilated and can acclimate into your society

    因此在公开接触发生的时候, 会介绍他们给你们, 并不是说他们一定会是第一个与你们公开接触的外星种族 and thus in presenting themselves to you when open contact occurs, not that they will necessarily be the first extraterrestrial race to have open contact with you

    但是他们会是第一个与地球公开接触的混血种族 but they will be the first hybrid race to have open contact with earth

    那时, 这会让你们与他们的互动更加容易, 因为他们跟你们很相似 then it will make your interactions with them that much easier because they are similar to you

    并与你们所有人都有关系, 你明白吗? 是的 and are related to all of you, do you understand yes

    好的, 所以他们会不时地显现他们的飞船 alright so they present their ships from time to time
    现在, 在这个特殊的时期增加公开接触来测量反应, 测量回应来看看是谁, 甚至可以发觉到他们 now in this particular time ramping up as you say to open contact to gauge the reactions to gauge the responses to see who it is that can even perceive them

    因为有时候那些你所描述的目击也许只能被少数人看到 because sometimes those kinds of sightings that you have described them may only be seen by few

    其他时间他们可能被很多人看到 and other times they may be seen by many

    再次, 他们又会改变他们的频率, 以这样的方式使任何目击事件有必要需要发生 again they will alter their frequency in such a way as to make whatever kind of sighting needs to happen necessary

    然后如此衡量你们反应给他们的这些回应 and thus gauge through those responses your reactions to them

    你是否准备好更多的接触或者没有? whether you ready for more contact or not?

    所以这个是不是他们向我或者其他人的一个特殊的表演? so whether the in particular showing themselves to me or to anybody ?

    好, 让我们这么说他们展现他们自己给那些愿意并改变他们意识到那个波长的人 well let's say they were showing themselves to anyone who was willing to allow their consciousness to alter to that wavelength which you did

    这给了他们获悉到有多少人准备好接触开始 which gives them a reading of how many people are ready to have the contact begin

    你明白吗? 是的 do you understand?i do

    我很惊讶有多少经过我的车辆并没有往天上看 i was surprised at how many cars past me and didn't you know looking up

    他们什么也没看到, 他们什么也没看到 they saw nothing, they saw nothing

    提问者:没有人这样做 巴夏:你知道其他一些人会这么做, 但是大多数人不会那么做 nobody did, you know some other people did, but many people did not

    这是典型的方式, 我们来衡量你们是否准备好接触 this is typical in the way we gauge your readiness for contact

    我和这个飞船有特殊的连接吗? is there any specific connection to me from that ship?

    往包括了可以被称为在这个文明中相对应的化身 yes again any kind of encounter of that type will not always but more often than not include what might be called an incarnation of counterpart in that society

    你和别的化身都是同个超灵的不同延伸 another extension of the same Oversoul that you are an extension of

    这就是为什么你们有相似振动和为什么你可以更容易地进入该频率的其中一个原因 which is one of the reasons why there can be vibrational similarity why you might key more readily into that frequency

    可以这样说, 因为这是另一个版本的“你”, 在他们的现实里, 在那个飞船里, 在他们的社会里 because there is a another version so to speak of you in their reality in that ship in their society

    你明白了吗? 好令人兴奋! do you understand?that's very exciting!

    所以这就像是在看一个镜子, 但看到一种跟你往常不一样的反射 so it's like looking into a mirror but seeing a different kind of reflection than you're used to

    是的, 这令人兴奋!所以关于你的体验, 你有什么想讨论的吗? yes it is very excited and so anything else about your experience you would like to discuss

    我应该无拘无束地谈吗?我想要问这些, 他们试图指引我吗? should i open up to all I want to open up to are they trying to guide me?

    他们没有尝试任何东西 they're not trying anything

    他们会让自己占据某一频率, 事实上, 你可以用所拥有的体验作为指导 they will allow themselves to occupy a certain frequency the fact that you can have the experience that you had is the guidance

    这些频率开放 it lets you know that you are flexible in your consciousness willing to open up to those frequencies

    通过回忆你在那段经历中的感受, 你在那段经历中处于什么样的状态 and by remembering how you felt during that experience what state of being you were in during that experience

    你可以使用这个存在的状态作为指导, 知道任何时候当你回忆起那个体验, 你就会在那个状态中, 即使它没有完全相同的感觉 you can use that state of being as guidance to know that anytime you think back to that experience you will be in that state being even if it doesn't feel exactly the same

    因此, 这个存在的状态, 是更多地代表了你真正的自我 and therefore that's the state of being that is more representative of more of your true self

    因此, 你在生活中所做的一切, 跟随你的兴奋去行动的时候就来自于那个存在的状态 therefore in everything that you do in life in acting on your excitement come from that state of being when you act

    这样做, 你会更与你真正的自我对齐 and you will be more aligned with your true self in doing so

    因此, 他们给了你一个存在状态的关键线索, 如此将以最自然的方式在生活中自动指引你 so they have given you a key clue to the state of being that will automatically guide you through life in the most natural way for you

    明白了吗? 当然。 这是否解决你的问题或者关于这个还有别的东西你想讨论的? does that makes it?absolutely。 does this address your questions or again is there something else you wish to discuss about this?

    我想最后一件事是你可以有什么样的建议, 指点我在未来人生中处于正确的方向? i guess one last thing is there anything you could some kind of advice you could get me point me in the right of the next direction?

    巴夏:某种设备?你的意思是像指南针? 提问者:是建议 some kind of a device you mean like a compass?advice

    巴夏:噢。 建议 提问者:有些你可以建议的东西 巴夏:好的, 你有没有听过我们讲到的跟随你的兴奋去行动? oh advice。 some you could suggest。 well you have heard us talk about the idea of acting on your highest excitement

    当然 尽你最大的能力, 对于特定的结果零执着 absolutely。 the best of your ability with zero insistence on a particular outcome

    是的 这是你的指南针 非常感谢, 巴夏 yes, that's your compass yes。 yes thank you very much bashar

    我们了解, 不时会有人会问这个问题, 很多很多次, 有什么别的东西你可以告诉我吗? we understand that from time to time people will ask that question many many times is there anything else you can tell me

    这真的就是了, 这真的是整个公式, 那正是要点 that is really it that is really the whole formula that's it

    这是真的, 我们除了这个公式什么都不会留下, 你明白吗? it really is that we're leaving nothing out of that formula。 do you understand?

    没有 现在它就是如此简单, 我了解你们星球上很多人 no。 it's that simple now I understand that the way many people on your planet

    被培养去相信事情不会那么容易, 他们不可能这么简单 have been trained to believe is that things can't be that easy they can't be that simple

    但他们是你真正要学习的东西, 他们就是如此简单 but they are that's what you're really learning yes yes they are that simple

    如果你可以使用这个简单地工具, 那么你的生活, 你会在你的生活中体验到这个简单的反映, 并且透明度也会反映给你 and if you can use the tool that simply then your life you will experience in your life that simplicity reflected and that transparency reflected to you

    世界将向你敞开, 你会明白事情是怎样的 and the world will open up to you and you will understand how things were

    再次, 这就是提供统一理论课的目的 again this is the purpose of providing the idea of the unifying theory class

    这样你才能真正深刻地理解这些东西 so that you can really deeply understand these things

    你可以研究它每一个微小的方面, 并真正地真正地使它成为你自己的理论, 并带给你自己真正的知识和对它的理解 you can investigate every single little aspect of it and really really make it your own and bring true knowledge and understanding to it

    这样, 它不是成为你的第二天性, 而是成为你的第一天性通过统一原理来了解和面对生活 so that it becomes not your second nature but your first nature to understand and respond to life through the idea of that unifying principle

    明白吗? 恩 yes?yes

    好吧, 所以关于它我们了解的第一件事就是, 生活是丰富复杂的, 但从根本上说, 它并不复杂 alright so the first thing about it is we understand that life is richly complex but fundamentally it's not complicated

    原理是非常非常简单的, 太复杂的话, 造物就经不住它自己的重量了 the principles are very very simple were they more complicated creation couldn't stand under its own weight

    它必须是简单的, 所有的不同方式的丰富复杂的东西都可以组合的简单原理 it has to be simple richly complex in all of the different ways that can combine the simple principles
    式存在 but the principles have to be simple in order for it to exist in the way that it does

    否则就太沉重太复杂不能起作用了, 明白了吗? 是的 otherwise it would simply be too weighty too complicated to work yes?yes

    好的, 这对你有帮助吗? alright does it help you?

    当然 好的, 也谢谢你! 谢谢! absolutely alright well thank you thank you


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