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ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4

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今天给大家分享ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4精品下载文章。喜欢ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4的可以分享ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4给你的好友。

ESET公司于3月2日发布了其新一代的安全产品——ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 和 ESET Smart Security 的。 根据官方资料显示, 作为ESET全新的一代安全产品, ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 和 ESET Smart Security 除继续延续了以往产品轻快的特点之外, 还具有如下全新功能:

  • Smarter Scanner — Threats don't always enter in ways you expect. ESET Smart Security inspects SSL-encrypted communication channels like HTTPS and POP3S, and intelligently scans compressed files to find threats that other products miss. ESET's Smart Optimization feature makes file scanning faster than ever.
    智能扫描——威胁有时会通过您意想不到的途径侵入电脑。 ESET Smart Security能够检测SSL加密的通讯, 如HTTPS 和POP3S, 并且能够比其它同类产品更加智能的扫描压缩文件。 ESET的智能优化组件使得文件扫描较以往更加迅速。

    Time-saving Firewall — The new Learning Mode saves time by automatically creating firewall rules by observing how you use your computer, while offering advanced firewall modes for power users.
    省时的防火墙——全新的学习模式通过观察您使用电脑的习惯自动创建防火墙规则, 从而节省您的时间。 与此同时, ESET Smart Security也为有经验的用户提供高级防火墙模块。

    Upgraded Antispam — ESET Smart Security now takes care of annoying spam with a smaller, faster, and even more effective spam filter.
    改进的Antispam(垃圾邮件防护)——现在ESET Smart Security采用更小、更快并且更有效的垃圾邮件过滤器拦截恼人的垃圾邮件。

    Removable Media Security — Threats can enter your PC from removable media such as USB thumb drives. For self-running media, ESET Smart Security scans autorun.inf and associated files on mount, in addition to scanning any file on any removable device when it is accessed, or during a full-scan of the media. Power users can adjust ESET Smart Security to perform additional levels of scanning on removable media.
    移动存储介质安全——威胁可以通过移动存储介质如U盘等侵入您的电脑。 对于能自动运行的存储介质, ESET Smart Security除了会在访问文件或完全扫描时检测移动存储介质上的文件外, 还会扫描介质上的autorun.inf及与其相关联的文件。 有经验的用户可以设置ESET Smart Security对于可移动存储介质的进行更深入的扫描。

    System Tools — ESET SysInspector and ESET SysRescue simplify diagnosis and cleaning of infected systems by allowing deep scans of system processes to find hidden threats, and creating bootable rescue CD/DVD or USB drives to help you repair an infected computer.
    系统工具——ESET SysInspector通过深入的扫描系统进程以检测隐藏的威胁简化了对受感染系统的诊断和清除, 而ESET SysRescue则能够创建带启动功能的恢复CD/DVD或USB驱动器从而帮助您修复被感染的电脑。

    Self Defense — ESET Smart Security has built-in technology to prevent malicious software from corrupting or disabling it, so you can rest assured your system is always protected.
    自我保护——ESET Smart Security内建了阻止恶意软件对其进行破坏和攻击的技术, 因此您可以确信您的电脑随时都处于保护之中。

    Usability Improvements — ESET Smart Security has numerous speed, security and usability upgrades.
    易用性提高——ESET Smart Security在速度、安全和易用性方面均有诸多提升

    ·Energy-sipping battery mode extends laptop battery life without compromising security

    ·Advanced Protection Status screen informs you of detected threats

    ·Information pop-ups are hidden when running full screen applications like games, video players or presentations
    ·气泡提示信息会在您运行全屏程序如游戏, 视频播放器或演示文档时自动隐藏

    ·Password protection prevents ESET Smart Security from being uninstalled by strangers
    ·密码保护能够避免ESET Smart Security被意外卸载

    ·New interface and keyboard shortcuts simplify use for visually impaired users


    ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4
    Windown XP/2000/Vista

    ESET Smart Security 4
    Windows XP/2000/Vista


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