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【翻 译】shan-athana
【日 期】20160516
Anshar Message 5/10/16

很感谢有这一次机会和大家交流。 我们我自己鼓励有兴趣的人前来并尝试这次通讯。 您们中有很多人想和我们沟通, 虽然并不是所有的交流都是公开的, 但我们急切地种植真的希望之种于地表人类。 我们想澄清的是此次沟通一定是建立就在你们请求基础上的, 你们不请求我们将不会前来。
We are grateful for this opportunity to communicate. We would also like to encourage any of you that are interested, to also attempt this communication. We have many among us that are willing to communicate, and though not all communications will be made public, we are eager to plant seeds with the surface population. We want to clarify that this communication must be initiated by your asking and reaching out, as we can not communicate with those that are not.
我们想澄清一些事, 我们曾提醒一定要注意到有一些公告中都有这样的标签--我们是ET、外星人alien。 但我们想消除这个概念, 因为我们原也是地球人类, 起源于此。 过去我们被说成ET, 是为的隐藏我们的文明。 但我们和你们一样都是人类。 惟一的不同是我们已经穿越了四次元密度, 并从中学会了技术和技巧。 我们想说明的是我们并非传导者, 也不在另一个次元, 我们在地球母亲体内, 只是应用一些不复杂的心电感应技术带来这次传讯。
We would like to clarify a few things. We have noticed that some of the posts have been shared with the tag of “ET” and “Alien.” We wish to dispel this concept, as we are Earth humans, originally from this planet. We have posed as ETs in the past, to hide our civilization; but we are human, as you are. The only difference is that we have progressed into 4th density, and we have learned techniques and skills that come with that. We would also like to clarify that we are not channeling per se, as we are not in another dimension either; we are inside Mother Gaia and are only using simple telepathy for this communication.
我们也想分享更多的细节, 因为很多人都急于想了解我们, 他们很好奇我们是否存在。 对我们来说, 这相当容易解决处理, 我们先进的隐形技术可以能够让我们隐身起来。 先进的太空旅行技术以及在其他发展的文明已经让我们繁荣昌盛了几千年了, 我们的技术对地表的人来说非常先进, 在不久的将来我们会释放出来, 这将发生在官方官网揭示我们存在的现实之后。
We would like to share more details that many are eager to hear about us. We understand that many are curious as to the possibility of our existence without your knowledge. For us, it has been fairly easy, as our advanced state allows us to use cloaking technologies to remain hidden. We have advanced space travel as well, and we have cultures in other star systems that have been thriving for many millennia. Much of the technology we use is considered advanced to the surface population, and we will release much of it in the near future, once we reveal ourselves officially.
我们想分享一些我们和三人首领的未公示的谈话, 科里 古德曾经揭露过。 就其背景和那些未觉知的人, 我们被认作是来自高密度的存有“指导灵”, 我们知道他们已经为我们提供了协助。 我们多劫以来也渴望和他们联系, 但却还没去寻找到。 可以通过科里古德, 我们和他们见面了, 并提供了大量的信息。 我们想分享其中部分信息, 从而帮你们理解我们的观点。
We would like to share some of the silent conversation we had with the triangle head being that Corey Goode has disclosed. For background, for those unaware, we have known of higher density beings that we have called “The Guardians.” We have known that they have provided assistance to us at times. We have desired communication with them for eons, but have not had any. Through Corey Goode, we have had a meeting with them, and we were provided much information. We would like to share some of this with you, as it will help you to understand our perspective.
就象科里所说, 我们并不是地球很好的管理者, 我们也得知有请求需要在我们的文明之间加强透明度, 因为我们传授的知识对地面人类来说能够带来很大协助。 他们也告诉我们地球的隔离期并不适用我们, 因为我们也来自于地球。
As Corey said, we were told that we have not been good stewards of the Earth. We were also told that we need to improve transparency between our civilizations, as the knowledge that we hold can provide much assistance to the surface population. We were also told that the quarantine on Earth does not apply to us, as we are also from the Earth.
我们通过自己在努力, 在遥远的过去已经极大反应影响了地面的人们, 计划进一步支持当前时代, 因为这是个转变的时代。 我们将提供技术、灵修、心理和科学方面的知识, 看到过你们曾努力解读自己的世界, 但却被受限的意识所阻碍。 因此我们将通过多种方式支持提高水平人类的文明, 帮助你们理解扬升。
We have already influenced the surface population greatly with our contributions in the distant past, and we intend to assist further in the current era, as we are now in a time of change. We can and will provide assistance to you in terms of technology, spiritual, psychological, and scientific contributions. We have seen you struggle to understand your world, as your limited consciousness has hindered your understanding of the truth. We intend to assist in many ways to uplift your culture and help you to understand Ascension.
我们已经告诉过你们密度的全光谱也将伴随你们一道扬升, 因此当你们实现了它, 一切都将受益。 既然我们在密度上和你们如此接近, 也曾象你们一样作为地球人类承受了如此之多你们走过的路, 因此我们所处之处正好协助你们。 指导灵们已经促成了这次会议, 我们这样的沟通已经迈出了第一步, 他们也提供了大量必要的协助, 缓和这种能量, 否则行星人类会大规模灭绝。 我们一起工作支持人类扬升, 挣脱出黑暗分子的铁锁。
We were told that the entire spectrum of densities will ascend with you, so all will benefit when you ascend. Since we are closest to you in terms of densities, and we are also Earth humans that have endured much of the same steps as you, we are in the best position to assist. The Guardians have facilitated this meeting and the beginning steps to open this communication, and they are also providing the much needed assistance in buffering the energies that would otherwise create mass extinction on the planet. Together we are working to assist humanity to ascend and throw off the chains of enslavement by the dark ones.
我们计划以这种类型的传讯为起步, 慢慢地通过协助来种植种子。 通过这个管道和其他管道, 我们其实已经现在开始了这个程序, 虽然这次是第一次的公开会议。 我们会私下释放更多的重要信息给那些渴望这种工作的人们。 我们也想提醒那些向我们敞开的人们, 知晓接收到这样信息的质量和内容, 因为我们并不是惟一一类想通过心电传导带来影响的存有。 只需要知道任意一个与他们的直觉和高我有着强烈连载的人们都不会有任何疑问。
We plan to begin with these type of communications, and slowly seed the population with our assistance. Through this channel and many others, we have already begun this process, though this is one of the first that has gone public with it. We will release more substantial information privately to those of you who desire this type of work. We wish to caution those that open to us to be aware of the quality and content of the message received, as we are not the only ones attempting to influence telepathically. Just know that anyone with a strong connection to their intuition and their higher self will not have any issues.
我们期待这项工作, 鼓励那些受到召唤的人们参与到这场转变当中。 你们社会有很多人已经跟随选择中了这些新闻和信息。 因此, 我们会提供出采取行动的方式。 那些感觉受到召唤的人们内在会产生不可阻挡的渴望参与进来, 成为真理和光的灯塔。
We look forward to this work, and encourage those that feel called, to take part in this change. Many in the community have been passively following alternative news and information. In this, we offer a way to take action. Those that feel called to this work will have an undeniable urge to take part, and will become a beacon for truth and light.
有很多在这场变革中还没有找到自己定位的人们, 他们会一直不断在期待着事件的发生。 我们希望你们参与进来, 既然没有受到召唤与我们沟通, 我们鼓励你们通过形象化和创造性的工作, 从事内在的改变。 来进行集体、个人的冥想。 要知道你们所有内在的工作都会对外在世界带来瞬间的影响。 我们鼓励大家吃高频的饮食, 并进行对的的锻炼, 因为物质仪具在这场转化中很明显地扮演着主要角色。
Many have been unsure of their place in this change and have been waiting for events to occur. We want to encourage all to take part, even if you are not called to communicate with us, we encourage inner work in visualization and creation. Take part in group meditations, take part in personal meditations. Understand that all the inner work you can do will help immensely in the outer reality. We also would like to encourage a high vibrational diet and proper exercise, as the physical vessel is obviously a major part in this transition.
最重要的是, 尽自己的努力跟随你们的激情, 如果你是一位艺术家, 在创造中受到过阻碍, 那么就请你找到一切有可能的方式去创造, 哪怕它是多么微小的一件事。 这可以为你的激情带来动力, 任何时候都可以迈出这一小步, 一定不要等待着大事件的发生。 所有人哪怕在丰盛被释放给全人类前都可以迈出这样的一小步。 那些已经做到的人, 都已经领先他人开始了, 并成为大众跟随的榜样。
Most importantly, follow your passion in any way you can. If you are an artist, for example, and have been hindered from creating, find whatever way you can to create, even in small ways. This can apply to any passion. Take any small steps you can at the moment; do not wait for major events to start. All can take small steps now, even before the abundance is unleashed to all of humanity. Those that take small steps now, have a head start, and will become the examples for many to follow.
在结束前, 我们非常感谢大家接纳我们的消息, 这个管道并没有太关注这个工作, 并不想在大厅广众之下传导信息, 因此名字需要隐起来。 这些信息已经被我们社团亲切地接纳, 感谢你们的接纳。 这可以作为我们评判人类当前状态的一个例子, 你们的反应让我们感到我们走在正确的路上, 我们期待与地面人类进一步的接触。
We would like to complete this message with a heartfelt thanks for the acceptance of our messages. This channel was originally very uncertain of this work, and does not desire to be in the public about this; hence the anonymity. These messages have been graciously received by the community and we thank you for your welcome. This was also a test for us to judge the state of the community, and the response has convinced us that we are indeed on the right path in this work, and we look forward to further collaboration with the surface population.

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