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    Do you have any other suggestions to explore on healing?
    关于疗愈, 你还有什么其他建议吗?

    Meditation is a very powerful method of balancing and a very powerful method of healing.
    冥想是平衡一个人的能量非常好的方法, 也有着非常好的疗愈效果

    It allows you to be more centered.

    The reason this is so is because the centered state is a state of balance.
    冥想之所以有诸多好处, 是因为“中心状态”, 是一种平衡的状态

    In a sense, it is a neutral state which allows you conscious choice and that is a positive quality.
    某种程度上讲, 也可以说是“中性状态”。 这种状态有助于你做出“有意识的选择”, 也就是有积极正面品质的选择。

    The point we are making is simply that if you are in a negative state, then if you at least allow yourself the benefit of meditation, you will automatically shift yourself onto the positive side, even if only slightly.
    简单地说, 就是如果你处在消极负面状态, 你静下心来, 做个冥想, 你就能从中获得益处。 你会自动的转向积极正面状态, 即使只有一点幅度, 或者改变得很慢。

    It will be enough to at least get you moving in the direction of healing yourself.
    但这也足够推着你, 朝向自我疗愈方向前进。

    You may also find that meditation will have many different effects.
    同样, 你会发现, 冥想还有很多不同的效果。

    You may wish to meditate for a specific reason, but you may find that when you do start meditating, many other things you are not focusing on will also begin to balance themselves out.
    你可能是出发于某种原因而冥想, 但你会发现, 当你开始冥想, 其他很多你没关注的事情, 也开始自动地导向平衡状态。

    So, if you feel you have a negative trait and you meditate in order to heal that,
    比如说, 你觉得自己有某种消极负面的品质, 于是你通过冥想来疗愈它。

    you may automatically begin to find that all the negative traits will begin to smooth out a little bit.
    渐渐地, 你会发现, 你所有消极负面品质, 也都开始一点一点地被清理掉!

    Understand that meditation, because it is balancing, because it is an integrating act, will allow you to touch on all the ideas, even the ones that you are unconscious of.
    冥想是一种平衡的、整合的行为, 所以它能够影响到你所有的思想意识, 包括那些你觉察不到的意识

    This is an important point, because most of the negativity that is created in your reality comes from beliefs that are unconscious within you.
    明白这一点很重要, 因为你所创造的实相中的大部分负面事件, 都来源于你内在的无意识信念。

    Meditation—Relaxed—Self Examination-is one of the strongest ways to get in touch with your unconscious beliefs.

    Your imagination can come-up with exactly the proper way, the "best way" for you to meditate.

    There are some standard methods.

    but you should also understand that, your imagination knows what it is doing, and can alter the standard method into whatever methodology will work best for the unique individual you happen to be, because you're all different.
    但你要明白, 你的想象力知道祂在做什么, 祂可以提示你, 如何将标准冥想法“改装”成最适合你的, 对你效果最好的冥想法。 因为你们每个人都是不同的, 都是独一无二的。

    The meditative style that will work for one person, may not work precisely the same way for another person.
    对某人有效的冥想法, 可能对另一个人, 就没有同样的效果了。

    Some individuals will simply find that closing their eyes and sitting still in a peaceful place will be enough to allow them to find their balance in meditation.
    可能有些人只要闭上眼睛, 在一个宁静的地方, 静坐冥想, 就能让他们处于平衡状态

    Some of you may feel that writing or painting, or singing a beautiful song is a better meditation for you.
    但有些人可能会觉得写作、画画, 或者唱歌, 是更适合自己的冥想法

    One of the ways that is strongest for most of you is to learn how to truly breathe.
    而最强大的一种冥想法, 也是对大部分人都适用的冥想法, 就是学会如何真正地呼吸。


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