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1969年登月月球上拍到的巨型飞船和100公里长的轨道_arp联盟A 1968 photo taken during a Lunar Orbiter mission to the moon shows what appears to be a spacecraft that is at least 10 miles (16 km) long resting inside the Crater Manlius. The photo was the subject of a Youtube video that was released on October 4 that shows various close ups and light contrasts of the apparent spacecraft. Most of the object is well illuminated by the sun, but the rest is in the shadows of the crater which is approximately 20 miles (34 km) in diameter, What appears to be a spacecraft cockpit is in shadows. According to an October 5 blog post on UFO Sightings Daily, the object is a UFO that was being secretly studied by NASA, and the real target for upcoming Apollo moon missions.


The apparent spacecraft was photographed by Lunar Orbiter III (frame 3073) that was sent in 1967 to map the moon for future Apollo missions. Prior to its October 2014 “rediscovery,” the UFO in the photo was discovered in October 2007 and discussed on an online forum where the consensus was that it was a spacecraft of some kind.

One possible explanation of the object is that it is an optical illusion based on a depression in the crater, rather than a large spacecraft resting on the crater’s surface. The contours of the object as it meets the shadow cast by the sun from the crater’s rim, however, appears to rule out such an explanation.

Huge spacecraft and 100 km highway discovered in 1968 moon Photo


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