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世上其中一个最佳去处就是沙滩, 我们可以赤足与大地连接。  

It‘s in fact the great reason why people come on vacations,

why we’re at this great resort here in Hawaii.
事实上, 这是人们度假的原因, 并且这是我们在夏威夷这美丽度假区的原因。

On this earth, there’s a charge, it’s a surface charge.

It’s on the water; it’s on all the rivers; it’s on the springs.
地球表面带电荷, 包括水面、河流、泉源。

There’s a surface charge, a negatively charged electricity.
这是一种表面电荷, 带负电。

This is what’s been discovered.

So the atmosphere’s basically positively charged,

and the earth is negatively charged.
大气基本上是带正电的, 而地则带负电荷。

Because I’m barefoot, I’m able to actually be part of the great earth.
当我赤足时, 我便成为地的一部分。

The earth is so big; it immediately envelops me as soon as I touch it with my skin.
地很大, 当我的皮肤接触地面, 地便立刻包裹我。

But if I’m insulated with the rubber soled shoe and the plastic soled shoe, if I’m insulated by wooden floors, if I’m insulated by carpets, if I’m insulated by vehicles or airplanes, then I’m separated away from the earth’s electromagnetic field and it changes my own static field.
但若我穿着橡胶或塑胶底鞋, 我便绝缘了, 我亦会因木地板、地毡、车辆或飞机而绝缘, 我会与地的电磁场分离, 并从而改变了我的静电场。

In fact, I’m then isolated as an electromagnetic island and I’m susceptible to the bombardment of EMF frequencies especially in the low-frequency range.
我便被孤立成为电磁孤岛, 并容易受电磁场频率撞击, 特别是那些在低频率范围的。

So I’ve been working for years to actually go barefoot and I have to say like when you’re a child, six, seven years old, you go barefoot for the whole summer.
我已努力多年尝试赤足, 像小孩6 、7 岁时, 会在整个夏天赤足。

Your feet get tough and you get tough and it’s just easy.
脚板会变得强壮, 你也会变得强壮, 很简单。

But as an adult, I’ve spent years and I get on tough surfaces and it would hurt.
但成年后, 我花了许多年去习惯走在坚硬地面, 但会觉得痛。

and I’d be like I’ve been going for a couple of years and what’s going on.
我已经尝试了两年, 却不明究竟,

But finally, after about three years, my feet toughened up. They just toughened up and all of a sudden I’m walking on gravel, I’m walking on surfaces, and it finally happened.
最终经过约3 年, 脚板终于坚韧起来, 它们坚韧起来, 突然间我能在沙砾和地面行走, 终于成了。

So I feel really happy about that. Basically I’m almost always grounded.
为此我感到很高兴, 基本上, 我几乎经常接地。

That’s what I’ve learnt from not only my experience of barefoot but also from the grounded technology is that whenever I’m not grounded I feel it.
不仅是从赤足经验中学到, 而且从接地技术中学会, 就是每当我不接地, 便能感受其分别。

So I’m almost always grounded.

I’m going to take you through my typical situation, so you can adapt this into your lifestyle and see if there’re times and places where you can be grounded as well.
让我分享一些典型实例, 让接地成为你的生活方式, 看看时间、地方是否适合让你也接地。

One, is I go barefoot as much as possible.
第一, 我尽可能赤足;

Two, is that even when I’m sleeping or at the computer doing any kind of desk work.
第二, 即使睡眠或在电脑前工作时。

I’m always using grounded or earthing technology to pull that electromagnetic field of the earth to me and to come into my body, and drive off the aberrant EMF that’s around me.
我总会使用接地技术, 把自己连接于地的电磁场, 使它进入身体, 驱走身旁的异常电磁场。

By the way the earth itself is the best defense we’ve got against all these aberrant frequencies that are in our atmosphere from cell phones, to wifi, to radio frequencies, etc.
你有所不知, 地本身是最强抵御, 来抵抗大气层中所有异常频率, 从手机到无线网络、无线电频等。

Not that the earth blocks all that but the earth blocks the low-frequency stuff for sure, including radio waves and that can be brought into you just by being barefoot.
地虽然不能抵挡所有频率, 但它能抵挡低频电波, 包括无线电波, 单单赤足便能达到以上效果。

Even when I’m in a car, I have a little device that I drag in my car and that grounds the chassis of my car.
甚至在车上, 我安装了小装置, 使车底盘能够接地。

You may not be aware of this but the chassis of your vehicle is actually connected to the negative terminal of your battery. So your car is actually negatively charged.
你可能有所不知, 你车的底盘其实连接着电池的负极, 所以, 你的车其实是带负电荷的。

Even if you touch the metal of your car it’s actually better than not touching it.
就算摸摸车的金属外壳也不错, 比你完全不碰它更好。

Because that negative charge would give you a subtle little sharper energy especially late at night, you will be able to drive with a little bit more sharpness at night 'cause you got a little bit of negative charge on you.
因为车的负电荷会给你一股微微的能量, 尤其在深夜的时候, 使你驾车时会精神一点, 因为你身上已带着一点点负电荷。

But again, I go a little bit further.

I’ve got a device that drags under my car just a little electromagnetically conductive rubber and it’s carbon-conductive rubber allows the chassis to bring the electricity from the earth into it.
就是在车底安装了一个装置拖着行走, 只是一个小小的电磁导电橡胶, 一种碳导电橡胶, 让车的底盘支取地上的电子。

And then I have a thing that I sit on that allows me to be grounded to the earth even while driving.
我还有一个小坐垫, 让我驾驶时也接地。

I use grounded mouse pad, I use universal mats, I walk barefoot.

If I’m in the city sometimes, I have got to wear a Vibram FiveFingers shoe and that’s what I need to do at that time.
如我在市内, 我便会穿 Vibram 牌五趾鞋, 这是我需要做的。

Sometimes when I’m doing a big event with some big speakers. I use the Vibram FiveFingers shoe, and I like using the Vibrams because they give your foot a natural articulation. They allow your back and spine to move naturally.
有时当我与其他着名讲者参与大型活动时, 我便会穿 Vibram 五趾鞋, 我喜欢Vibram 产品, 因为它能使脚足自然地伸展, 也让背部和嵴椎能自然活动。

It’s like what Dr. Rossi says 60 plus years of research and he said it’s impossible for a shoe-wearing human to have a natural gait and natural walk, because those shoe doesn’t allow your arch to be operated properly and it doesn’t allow you to use your whole foot.
正如 Rossi 医生所说, 经过60 多年的研究, 他说穿鞋行走的人, 绝对不可能拥有正常和自然的步态, 因为那些鞋阻止足的弧度正常运作, 并使你不能用到整隻脚板。

and I did go through about a six-month process of re-educating my feet.
我花了约 6 个月的时间重新教育我的双脚。

when I really went barefoot, when I really went for about three years ago and really went for the FiveFingers shoe, the Vibram shoe when I wasn’t barefoot.
当时我完全赤足行走, 那是大概 3 年前的事, 不赤足时我便使用 Vibram 五趾鞋。

So sometimes I have to use that, but most of the time.
有时我必须穿着它, 但大多数的时间,

I’m actually walking around barefoot. And it gives you a feeling of connection. It really sources energy.
我其实也是赤足行走的, 这可给你连接的感觉, 真的加添能量。

And when I’m in the summertime, deep in the summer especially in the forests of North America, way out in the middle of nowhere, barefoot walking there’s a sense of ecstasy and bliss that comes out of the earth. It's a feeling, it's definitely there.
在夏天时, 在盛夏时, 特别在北美杳无人烟的森林裡, 赤足走路, 你会有一种从地而来的欢欣愉快的感觉, 这感觉是千真万确的。

I definitely felt it when it’s not there and I definitely felt it when it’s there.
这感觉不存在时, 我能察觉到, 它存在时, 我亦能察觉到。

There’s an energy that comes out of the earth that is blocked by shoes and shoe-wearing.
有一种从地裡散发出来的能量, 是会被鞋和穿鞋而隔断的。

And if you’re a hiker, if you’re a runner, if you’re a walker this is something you want to start thinking about you want to start thinking about going barefoot, becoming part of the barefoot revolution and reconnecting to our earth, again.
如果你是个登山者、运动员、步行者, 你就要开始考虑, 考虑赤足, 成为赤足革命的一分子, 再次与地连接起来。

Now you’ve gotta have a sense about this, go slow, step by step.
你需要开始认知, 一步一步的行走。

Re-educate your foot. Strengthen the arch in your foot. Strengthen your calves and you’ll get there.
重新教育双脚, 强化脚板的弧度, 强化你的小腿, 你会做到的。


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