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ARP 工具 NetScanner tool.

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今天给大家分享ARP 工具 NetScanner tool.评测专区文章。喜欢的可以分享ARP 工具 NetScanner tool.给你的好友。

ARP 工具 NetScanner tool.

  • ARP Tool Description

    The ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) tool gives you the ability to work with the operating system's networking ARP cache and scan your subnet using ARP packets. The ARP cache associates MAC and IP addresses. Major features:

    • Shows all entries in the ARP cache. Cache contents can be filtered by Local or Remote Interface IP address. We show the manufacturer of the network interface card.
    • Add a static entry to or delete an entry from the ARP cache.
    • Very fast ARP packet scan of IP range to determine active IPv4 devices on your subnet. This scanner can show all devices on your subnet even if they have personal firewalls or other built-in firewalls. This feature uses WinPcap. To scan IP addresses outside your subnet, use the NetScanner tool.

    ARP is a protocol used to associate an IP address with a MAC (Media Access Control) address (xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx) for communication over an ethernet network. See also ARP Ping.

    Windows Vista compatibility: Fully functional as of v10.42.


    ▼ARP 工具 NetScanner tool.ARP screenshot


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